Frequently Asked Questions

Age Restriction

I’m 54 but I’ll be 55 in a few months. Can I live in Orange Acres? Not until your 55th birthday. Orange Acres is a 55+ Age Restricted Community. The primary resident of a home must be 55; no one under 45 may live in the home. 

Can my grandchildren visit?Anyone under the age of 18 may stay 15 consecutive days or a total of 30 days per calendar year per child. Visitors that are 18-44 are limited to 30 days per calendar year. Visitors over the age of 45 that wish to stay more than 30 days must first apply with the office. By law, anyone visiting for longer than 48 hours must register with the office.


How do I apply to live in Orange Acres?

Everyone that will be residing in Orange Acres for more than 30 days (homeowner, friends, renters, live-in health care workers, family members, etc.) must first apply with the office and be approved! The application process includes age verification, credit check, rental history, public records, criminal background check, and calling personal references. Since we are a 55+ Age Restricted Community, a photo ID showing birth date is required as proof of age. Application fee is $30 per applicant ($60 per couple). International applicants - application fee is $75 per applicant. This is non-refundable and must be submitted with the application and photo ID.


Do the Community Owners ever come to the community?

Yes! You will see the community owners/ operators – Jeff and Jason – working in Orange Acres almost daily! We also have an Office Staff and Maintenance Team. They have a hands-on approach to ownership and operation of the community!

Why do you have a Chaplain for your Team Members and Residents?

We feel there is real value in having a Chaplain to serve our Team Members and Residents that goes beyond just regular business practices. Our Chaplain provides emotional and spiritual support when life deals people difficult times- unexpected health issues, the death of a loved one, or just having someone to talk to about a problem or a feeling of emptiness. Our Chaplain may be able to help.

Manufactured Home vs. Mobile Home

I want to buy a manufactured home not a mobile home. 

A “trailer”, “mobile home”, and “manufactured home” are all the same thing. The terminology has changed over the years as the homes themselves have changed. 

Prior to the 70’s, the homes were very mobile and looked more like travel trailers. Beginning in the mid-1980’s mobile or manufactured homes were built with cathedral ceilings and shingled roofs.

The term “Manufactured Home” is basically a newer more modern term for mobile homes. One of the distinct differences of a “mobile home” or a “manufactured home” compared to other types of housing construction is manufactured housing is built in a production line setting and built in a factory. The manufactured homes are then pulled on their own axles, wheels, and hitches to their destination like a manufactured home community and placed on a lot and anchored in place. Once the home is set the attachments are added (carport, driveway, A/C, electric pedestal, sewer/water connection, etc.). 

The new manufactured homes built today look like conventional homes inside and out and are built to the most current wind/hurricane codes. Manufactured Housing is built to HUD building codes and the attachments are built to the latest Florida building codes.


Do you allow pets?

Sorry, no dogs allowed. You may have an indoor cat.


I’d rather rent before I buy. Are their rentals available?

Some residents do choose to rent their homes out, these types of rentals are handled by the resident and not through our office. Anyone renting privately must first be age qualified, apply for residency and be approved by management.

See What our residents have to say

“Orange Acres is a home that offers the kind of lifestyle you are looking for. It can be as busy and involved or as relaxed and peaceful as you wish.  There is always help and information from management, activities if you want and new friends around each corner. Come be as happy as you choose!”

- Jane B.

"I have lived in Orange Acres for 20 years, and it is the best mobile home park in Florida. The office personnel and maintenance crew are the finest I ever met."

- Charlie P.

"More than a dozen years ago we were looking for a house in a warm climate to shelter us from the winter weather in the North. What we found was a home in a community; one that reminded us of those towns where we grew up. A caring, enveloping, vibrant array of people with similar backgrounds, people who cared for one another, looked out for their welfare and bonded in like enjoyments."

- Ed & Judy M.

"There are numerous reasons why we love living in Orange Acres, such as location, layout of homesites, facilities and activities. But the most obvious reason is the people; not just the residents, but also the management personnel. They genuinely have the residents best interest at heart in making their business the success that it is. With the 3rd and now 4th generation of the Warrington family involved in every day business, it makes all of the residents feel very secure in the future of Orange Acres and the success of our park for years to come."

- Bob & Cyndee S.