Lot Rents

Lot rent includes the leasing of your homesite along with the use of amenities and services listed under the Amenities/Services tab.

There usually is a lot rent increase every January. Because the Warrington family has always tried to keep increases reasonable while maintaining our high level of service to our residents and reinvesting money back into the community. Our lot rents are on the lower end of the scale for comparable communities in the Sarasota/Manatee area.

There are five different rent structures in Orange Acres determined by the type of lot. From lowest to highest they are; Back Module Lot, Front Module Lot, Standard Lot, Corner Lot, Pond View Lot. For example, a pond view lot would have a higher lot rent versus a back-module lot that shares a driveway with another lot.

2021 lot rents are $604, $629, $659, $676, and $694

See What our residents have to say

“Orange Acres is a home that offers the kind of lifestyle you are looking for. It can be as busy and involved or as relaxed and peaceful as you wish.  There is always help and information from management, activities if you want and new friends around each corner. Come be as happy as you choose!”

- Jane B.

"I have lived in Orange Acres for 20 years, and it is the best mobile home park in Florida. The office personnel and maintenance crew are the finest I ever met."

- Charlie P.

"More than a dozen years ago we were looking for a house in a warm climate to shelter us from the winter weather in the North. What we found was a home in a community; one that reminded us of those towns where we grew up. A caring, enveloping, vibrant array of people with similar backgrounds, people who cared for one another, looked out for their welfare and bonded in like enjoyments."

- Ed & Judy M.

"Orange Acres is a fabulous place to live and building a custom manufactured home is the icing on the cake! We worked with Jeff and Greg and the entire Orange Acres staff to design and customize our new home. We even made a trip with Jeff to the manufactured home model center in Bartow, FL where we finalized every detail of our home. This was an excellent experience from start to finish!"

- Phil & Elaine A.

"There are numerous reasons why we love living in Orange Acres, such as location, layout of homesites, facilities and activities. But the most obvious reason is the people; not just the residents, but also the management personnel. They genuinely have the residents best interest at heart in making their business the success that it is. With the 3rd and now 4th generation of the Warrington family involved in every day business, it makes all of the residents feel very secure in the future of Orange Acres and the success of our park for years to come."

- Bob & Cyndee S.